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Mom + Daughter Duo

Our names are Robin Collins and Amy Cox. We are both born and raised in central Iowa, and descend from a long line of farmers. However,  we are the first in our family to farm flowers.  As long as I can remember mom has had  a passion for plants, and her gardens reflect it. There is no question she is the backbone of our business. She is awake with the sun everyday, and a true natural when it comes to design. I have learned so much from her over the past three years.

I grew up gardening with my two siblings in mom's huge vegetable garden. I spent every minute of that time complaining rather than learning. When I came back to the farm with more mature eyes, I saw what was right in front of me all along, opportunity. I love to push the boundaries. I also love to create beautiful things. Beauty is all around us on our farm, and we can't help but be inspired. We grow all of our flowers from seeds, and use only in season flowers for our arrangements.  My dad and brother are traditional farmers and do metal work on the side. When there is a structure I want built, or a custom arch for an event, they can make it. Its the perfect team. Our farm is truly a family business. 



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